Hi, I am Joni! I like good food, traveling, and making the best out of small kitchens

Now, to be honest, I am no expert! I am not a fancy chef, nor a professionally trained cook. I have done my fair share of restaurant odd jobs while I was young, but usually in front of the house. So, to answer your question, who the heck is this guy? I am just the average Joe, working in tech, that requires a lot of travel and at the same time, struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle while trying to stay away from those delicious burgers…

As such, my tips are lessons learned from failure, complete mess-ups, and whatever experience I have gotten in the past.

I started experimenting with cooking a while back, just after graduating from college and moving back to my home country where to help and motivate myself to learn I created a food blog (delicious.al). I would invite you to check it out but it is in Albanian…I have just recently relocated to a new country (Germany) and one of my struggles is managing to fit in everything. The relocation comes with a cost – I have downgraded from a full very spacious kitchen to a simple kitchenette. As such all these recipe adaptations are real and cringe-worthy.[

I like a structured approach to everything!

As such Kitchenette Recipes is divided into three main components: Recipes, Lessons Learned, and Local Eating recommendations. Here is a short description of everything


Pretty straightforward I shall say but with a simple twist. It is amazing to make your pasta (all you need is around 70sqm of working space, a pasta-making machine, and a whole day… get it – the irony) but my approach will be aimed towards being able to enjoy making these recipes in a tiny kitchen.

On the other hand, if you are blessed with a proper full-on kitchen, then my approach will keep it clean.


As you might have read before, I am not a professional. All these tips and lessons learned are just from either me messing up something, something learned from a YouTube video or a blog post, or just plain old luck.

Other than that, all these lessons are tried on me – as the self-proclaimed guinea pig of Kitchenette Recipes! Haha – but seriously though, lessons learned are the cold hard truth of kitchenettes.


Simple enough – I see something I like and report back with the experience, how much everything cost, how was it for my taste and would go back again.

Now to be noted this is very subjective as taste varies from one to another, but it is safe to say that I have had my fair share of restaurant meals, from undercooked pizza dough to haute cuisine. Feel free to complain though as this is a learning experience for everyone.