A little bit of Background

Now, to be honest, I am no expert! I am not a fancy chef, nor a professionally trained cook. I have done my fair share of restaurant odd jobs while I was young, but usually in front of the house.

So, to answer your question, who the heck is this guy. I am just the average Joe, working in tech, that requires a lot of travel and at the same time, struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle while trying to stay away from those delicious burgers…

As such, my tips are lessons learned from failure, complete mess-ups and whatever experience I have gotten in the past.

Why this

I started experimenting with cooking a while back, just after graduating from college and moving back to my home country where to help and motivate myself to learn I created a food blog (delicious.al). I would invite you to check it out but it is in Albanian…

I have just recently relocated into a new country (Germany) and some of my struggles is managing to fit in everything.

The relocation comes with a cost – I have downgraded from a full on very spacious kitchen to a simple kitchenette. A such all these recipe adaptations are real and cringe-worthy.


I like a structured approach to everything, as such Kitchenette Recipes is divided into three main components: Recipes, Lessons Learned, Local Eating out recommendations. Here is a short description of everything


Pretty straightforward I shall say but with a simple twist. It is amazing to make your own pasta (all you need is around 70sqm of working space, a pasta making machine and a whole day… get it – the irony) but my approach will be aimed towards being able to actually enjoy making these recipes in a tiny kitchen.

On the other hand, if you are blessed with a proper full on kitchen, then my approach will keep it clean.


As you might have read before, I am absolutely not a professional. All these tips and lessons learned are just from either me messing up something, something learned from a YouTube video or a blog post or just plain old luck.

Other than that, all these lessons are tried on me – as the self-proclaimed guinea pig of Kitchenette Recipes! Haha – but seriously though, lessons learned are the cold hard truth of kitchenettes.


Simple enough – I see something I like and report back with the experience, how much everything cost, how was it for my taste and would I go back again.

Now to be noted this is very subjective as taste varies from one to another, but it is safe to say that I have had my fair share of restaurant meals, from undercooked pizza dough to haute cuisine. Feel free to complaign though as this is a learning experience for everyone.