What to make with zucchini (or courgettes)


Zucchinis are some of the most versatile vegetables out there. Having said that, they are rarely the star of the show, so the question of what to make with zucchini is something that always comes into my mind. As always, the focus of this website is to make sure that you can actually cook this stuff – and not put you in some crazy endless long shot of a recipe.


The general approach is to cut them into slices and give them a quick marinate in salt and pepper. Frying them requires a bit of oil so I would use something other than olive oil. Zucchinis fried can be eaten in all forms -you can have them with a bit of bite or properly fried – it will be delicious.

Now that you have fried the zucchinis it’s time to elevate the flavor. You can simply eat them with garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil as aside. You can also have them as a normal side with just olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I also tend to have zucchinis as a side to my rice. After you fry them, just add a bit of soy sauce to them or whatever salty thing that you can think of.


Zucchinis for me, baked are never the star of the show. Think of them as the perfect baked side for any meat. Place a bunch of them as the bed, and on top of them place a salmon fillet. They will act as a protector of the fish and will cook in the juices of the salmon. What to make with zucchinis is the easiest thing now!


When it comes to boiling vegetables in some sort of liquid, zucchinis are perfect for any occasion. Do you know the lifting flavors that you get from the creamy soups in restaurants? That comes from these bad boys.

Day-old zucchini’s

Dont throw them away – they go great in an omelet! I mean all veggies are great in an omelet but due to the body that zucchini’s providing, they make a great and healthy omelet

What to make with zucchini is a completely legitimate question – but here it is debunked.

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