Cooking basics

Creamy chicken and broccoli pasta

This creamy chicken and broccoli pasta is perfect for a flashy weeknight date dinner, complex with flavor and simple to make. This dish combines tender chicken, vibrant broccoli florets, and...

The best sauce for ravioli

The best sauce for ravioli is simple, decadent, and very versatile. This recipe will cover concepts and components how to personalize it!

What to serve with duck breast

Learn about what to serve with duck breast, some ideas, and best of all just simple enough that anyone can do them.

Chrispy and spicy chicken wings in the air fryer

Chicken wings in the air fryer are not that hard if you follow some extremely simple tips. All you need to do is to...

Roasted duck breast for dummies

Roasted duck breast explained and decoupled so that you can easily cook it the way you want it. Learn how to cook it and not just a recipe.

Best hot sauces to buy – an introduction

Best hot sauces to buy which are simplified for the normal people out there with normal hot sauces that you can buy everywhere - even Amazon!

What to make with zucchini (or courgettes)

Tackling what to make with zucchini's today. From fried, pasta sauce and soup - here is how you handle this versatile vegetable.

Mushroom truffle ravioli in a butter sauce

This supermarket mushroom truffle ravioli in a butter sauce with sage, will blow your socks off as its one of those typical easy dinner ideas

The pasticcio – a baked pasta alternative

My Pasticcio is one of those 4 ingredient baked pasta alternatives that is filling, inexpensive, and easy to make. Cheap dinner ideas!

How to make hummus – the anatomy

Making hummus is always a big deal and sounds so un-approachable due to the nature of the ingredients. Here is how to make them approachable.

Pie Recipes: savory feta and leek pie

This feta and leek pie will either bring some Mediterranean memories or provide savory goodness with simple and inexpensive ingredients.