Best hot sauces to buy – an introduction


Some of the best hot sauces to buy which are recommended by almost all the lists out there have the tendency to be on the “advanced user” side.

Adding to that most people, including me, can not afford to have a selection of 10 different bottles of hot sauces hanging out in the fridge or pantry for a couple of years because the sauce is too hot or you just forget about it.

I am not big on “deathly hot sauces” that are just outright horrible to eat and get you all sweaty. I find that the heat of the sauce should not overcome the taste of it. Having said that, if you are just looking out to start with something here is what I would highly recommend.

One note though: I am just listing very commercial and well known hot sauces that you can find almost everywhere. I am using amazon just so you have a general idea. There obviously are great local alternatives from specialty stores – but if you have explored till there, then this article is way below your expertise.

Cholula Chili-Garlic

I find this sauce mild and a great and delicious addition to almost anything. Not only this sauce is very mild, but it will add an additional taste profile to your dish. The way that I have used this the most is in sandwiches or wraps. Because this is so tasty, it’s just one of the best hot sauces to buy if you are starting up.

Sriracha (from Flying Goose)

This is one of those best hot sauces to buy which is very well known globally. Think of it this way – whenever you go to a restaurant and you wonder how they make spicy mayo – they just add Sriracha to it.

This is a bit hotter than the first and usually comes in a bigger container. I have the tendency to use it a lot in cooking as well to add some heat to dishes.

Tabasco – red pepper sauce

Of course, tabasco will make the best hot sauces to buy. This is the definition of hot sauce. It’s mild enough to be enjoyed and hot enough to be considered an actual hot sauce.

Here is a Chilly con Carne recipe that you can use Tabasco with and follow me on Instagram for more.

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