Mediterranean sauteed tomatoes, peppers, and feta

As you may have noted from the title, this Mediterranean sauteed tomatoes, peppers, and feta is a fairly Mediterranean dish. We mainly use it as an appetizer with toasted bread. Whilst there may be a lot of ways to get this done, where a lot includes stuffing the papers and whatnot, this is not one of them.

You will need three main ingredients with the fourth point for oil and salt

  1. 3-4 medium Peppers
  2. 3-4 medium Tomatoes
  3. 250gr of Feta
  4. Olive oil for cooking and salt to taste

How to get it done

  1. In a hot deep-pan, throw in some olive oil and let it warm up.
  2. Throw in the chopped peppers and let them soften a bit.
  3. After the peppers are soft, add in the chopped fresh tomatoes. Note that it’s fairly important to use fresh tomatoes.
  4. Let everything cook together and for like 10-15 minutes and after you have archived the done-ness that you prefer (for example you like the tomatoes with a bit a structure and bite, then cook it a bit less)
  5. Remove from the heat and add the chopped feta cheese and the heat of the mixture will melt the cheese.
  6. At this point give it a taste. Depending on the cheese that you are using, you will need to adjust the saltiness.
  7. That’s it. Now keep in mind this is great with some very nice toasted bread.

Dip it, share it, eat it with a spoon – this dish does it all.


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