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…all about dat vibe

Recently I have moved in Frankfurt, for a new project  and as a foodie It is always awesome because you get to explore and enjoy the city from a different perspective. Now I am in no way saying that I get to explore the fanciest and most expensive restaurants, considering that I have moved in here, I think I will be able to check out some of the most interesting parts. 

On the other hand, as a full time working adult, I have to make do with what time I have and whatever is nearby the office. This is always where it gets tricky. 

Generally speaking, breakfasts here tend to be something grabbed at the coffee place. I usually skip eating out for breakfast as I always cook something at home. Bread is something that governs it.

Lunch for Frankfurters, during the working days at least, tends to be short. Even business lunches are fast. to the point and on somewhere nearby. I come from a place where lunch is something that is always enjoyed and it takes a little more than 45 minutes (because you will need 15 minutes to get back). 

Dinner, on the other hand, happens only on the weekend, as everyone rushes to get back home during the working day. 

Now, this is my early perception. Maybe I will change this article later, maybe I wont.

here are my observations


Restaurants in Frankfurt (the ones that I have been in) are going through the hipster stage, with the local beer brews, secret menu’s and odd hours.

The food tends to be interesting, but yet not local and the offerings are either very specific to the food region or extremely local.
This is certainly not a good thing – yet is not a bad thing either. From what I see, there is slight tendency of food not being mixed up.

So German food is served in German Food restaurants, Italian in Italian restaurants, Thai in Thai places, burgers in burger places.
Very German of them, don’t you think?.

Food quality.

Have not had a bad meal yet! Surprised of a lot of places – but at the same time, they could be SO MUCH better! Pleasantly surprised with the Asian cuisine here – of all sorts. There is this random lunch Thai place nearby, which is genuinely outstanding, yet so hidden and so not comfortable.

This is good for one reason – if you see something interesting while wondering around, you should not be afraid of getting food poisoning.


Generally speaking is just bad. Waiters are rude (except on some fancy expensive places) and they do not really go a long way – as you would expect in other countries. Tipping is expected, yet not earned. They will do the bare minimum of service. Some places, for a western European city which is the key banking place of the region, do not accept cards – so be prepared to have some cash with you.

People go out in general, so on a Friday/Saturday night do not even dare to visit a place without a reservation. It is pointless! On a normal working day though, lunch time is very full. It is my understanding that Frankfurt is a consultant’s city – so everyone eats out.

Keep this in mind if you plan to visit this cool place that you and 100 other people found on google and want to visit..


There are a couple of third-party providers for delivering food in Frankfurt. Now thing is – no matter how good they are, they are third-parties. So the general flow is simply put with a lot of latencies. In other words, not a fan! Unless you have no choice, just go and pick it up yourself! 

General Conclusions.

Note that this is no way a final review of Vibe. I am still missing the Spring, Summer and Autumn here. Also – keep in mind that the countless possibilities that you have to eat out in Frankfurt makes is such a diverse environment. I generally like it, I am mostly surprised for good than anything else.

Bottom line: Frankfurt is COOL.

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Kitchenette Traveler
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