Cheesy homemade nachos – perfect movie night

homemade nachos

Homemade nachos are a cool approach to having nachos done your way so that they are not only special but you can have as much cheese that you want.

We are going to approach this post focused on the components that you will need. You can decide on the amount yourself – as this is in the end, your own movie night homemade nachos

The chips

Tortilla chips usually tend to be the better solution. Depending on the type of chips that you choose, I would highly recommend getting salty once. On the other hand, if you have any type of Doritos, you have to take into account their taste and focus on having lighter condiments around them.

The beans

No self-respecting homemade nachos will work without beans. Here, we have to think about getting some red kidney beans. Now in the real world, if you don’t have red kidney beans, no biggie – but why would you buy any beans except red kidney beans?

The tomato sauce

My approach has always been that the arrabbiata tomato sauce is the best solution. Get the barilla alternative and you will not need anything else. Having said that, if you have some alternative sauces you can use them, but always keep in mind, you need a little zing.

The cheese

The cheese component here is actually very specific for my case for the reason that I just like it so much better. You can use whatever you want or whatever you have but hear me out: low moisture mozzarella – the same mozzarella that you use for pizzas. You will never go back!

The guacamole

Last but not least – the guac! Check this guacamole recipe here. In short, though the process is simple: mashed avocado, chopped garlic, fresh ground pepper, and a simple squeeze of lemon and topped off with a bit of salt.

The cooler

I usually add a bit of sour cream to put everything together as it couple very well with everything.

The finishing move

Put it in the oven for 10-15 minutes or till the cheese has melted and the sauce gets hot. If you are doing this, then keep in mind that you should have everything under some aluminum foil so you do not have to clean up afterward

If you are feeling naughty, check this homemade fried dough – it will blow your mind.


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