How to make a vegetable soup 101

how to make vegetable soup

When I started writing this recipe I was thinking to specifically write about this soup that I made, but the problem of how to make a vegetable soup with whatever you got in the fridge actually makes a bit more sense so here it is.

The approach here is based on a couple of main components. If you want the recipe in this specific photo, go to the bottom of the post

Component #1: The body

Most of the vegetables that you will use will give it a proper body, but in particular, THREE are key: Potatoes, carrots, and onions. Have you noticed that most of the soups have the same taste profile? The reason behind it is that most of them have at least one of these three ingredients. You always start with sauteing in high heat and giving them a bit of color. Colour is usually great for adding it a bit of taste

Component #2: The flavor givers

Generally speaking, this would be that additional couple of ingredients that make it all interesting. Usually, it’s a strong flavor ingredient that would make this soup special. Think here like broccoli or summer squash – depending on the seasonality.

Component #3: The aromatics

As a soup is a fairly liquidy dish, smell and taste usually are bonded together. As such a bay leaf, some peppercorns or even some sort of dry herbs would go a long way

Component #4: the fresh greens

These components are usually added in the end to finalize the dish. They give that awesome taste that you must have. Think here, fresh herbs like spring onions, basilicum, mint etc.

Component #5: the plate finishers

Usually, this means some sort of oil or creme. If the soup is a chilly heavy in oils type of soup, on the plate you should drop in some yogurt or yogurt alternatives. Usually, with simple vegetable soups, a drizzle of some aromatic olive oil goes a long way.

Last tips:

  1. You will need some liquid – with the vegetable soup I usually use water, you don’t need to get fancier here
  2. You can blend the soup if you want, but you have to be careful here. As this is a very hot liquid. Most of the times it’s recommended to use some sort of hand blender. They are great for these type of things and they are fairly cheap.

Find current photo recipe here:


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