kitchenette recipes

Make it or buy it: a guide to what products or sauces to make and what others to buy

We live in an era of abundance and there is almost everything that you can ever need in a supermarket. Sometimes though you just have to make your own

Easy chicken gyros to die for

Chicken gyros for me bring in mind a greek island, a whole day at the beach, a small fast food restaurant at the port that sells them with a very cold beer.

Garlic shrimps – Fried gambas al ajillo

Seafood is easy when done simply. Let's learn the great garlic shrimps recipe - the Spanish gambas al ajillo - a Spaniard delicacy to die for

Easy chicken, veggies and rice asian style

Focusing only on one of the key protein providers on the planet: the chicken breast. Simple cooking with a dash of asian spices all in a small kitchen.

Where it all begins – Eggs, cheese & Tomatoes

No, I am not kidding and yes, I am dead serious. Whoever has ever traveled anywhere for more than a couple of days knows...