Where it all begins – Eggs, cheese & Tomatoes

No, I am not kidding and yes, I am dead serious. Whoever has ever traveled anywhere for more than a couple of days knows that the easiest thing to buy in a supermarket and the easiest thing to cook is simple fried eggs.

To make it a little more interesting, let’s add some more condiments to it.

  1. Simple cheese – I choose Feta.
  2. Some tomatoes – definitely go for cherry tomatoes

This recipe is important due to a couple of self-sufficient factors starting from protein which eggs are a great source of. Protein is one of the key macronutrients required for our body to function and to be honest – one of the key things to help us get fed. The second factor is that you don’t need to have anything fancy for these eggs. They can be cooked with olive oil, butter, any source of fat or if you only got eggs in the fridge – nothing.

Now eggs by themselves are not as fun – they lack a nice freshness and feature a pretty dull flavor if not accompanied by something. In other words, our egg’s friends are cheese and tomatoes.

You should be looking for a cheese with a strong flavor. I mean – you can even go for elemental if you are craving it or have nothing else in the fridge. Feta though has a pretty distinctive flavor and it is great just like that. You should aim for something salty, not very heavy and definitely not processed.

To top it all off we need some sort of liquid, to get everything going – something that you can choose at this point is some sort of veggie – I personally chose cherry tomatoes because they are easy, you don’t have to take a lot and you will never leave a half cherry tomato in the fridge (yeah – I am looking at you!)

Now to upgrade it – Add a little paprika to the frying oil before adding the egg – it will completely change the taste texture.


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