simple recipes for a small kitchen

Coconut chicken with rice and mushrooms

Fried chicken drumsticks smothered in coconut sauce in a bed of simple white rice and crispy mushrooms to satisfy your cravings of coconut chicken

A Chili con Carne that forgives everyone

This is one of those dishes that you can make almost anywhere with just a simple deep pan. Its ingredients are easily found everywhere in the world and you do not need a fancy supermarket to get it. Also, it is one of those dishes that forgives.

Cheapest, fanciest and french-est sandwich there is: The jambon beurre

Your final result should be a juicy sandwich – so when in doubt go for the French way, add more butter.

Pan fried, garlic infused oyster mushrooms with a dab of honey mustard.

You know those big weird looking mushrooms that you usually see in the supermarkets, but you never actually thought of trying because they looked not that appetising. Well, today we will explore those mushrooms

How to fancy up cheap and easy meals?

Sometimes just chicken and rice is not enough and it gets boring. If you want to explore a little more, here are a couple of tricks that can elevate those easy recipes with an added tingle.

Cheap eats in Frankfurt – a simple guide

Frankfurt is NOT cheap in any way. It is considered to be one of the typical consultant's city, where people take the train every day to work here, but not live here. Sometimes though, it can be.

Make it or buy it: a guide to what products or sauces to make and what others to buy

We live in an era of abundance and there is almost everything that you can ever need in a supermarket. Sometimes though you just have to make your own

Easy chicken gyros to die for

Chicken gyros for me bring in mind a greek island, a whole day at the beach, a small fast food restaurant at the port that sells them with a very cold beer.