How to fancy up cheap and easy meals?


…getting you ready for a little extra fancy

Sometimes just chicken and rice is not enough and it gets boring. If you want to explore a little more, here are a couple of tricks that can elevate those easy recipes with an added tingle.


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Herbs are important

You start with simple dried or hearty herbs at the beginning of the cooking process and you finish with the softer ones, like cilantro, mint or scallions.

Spices are majestic

I do not have to tell you that spices are the key to everything. In cooking, if you want to spice up a meal, you add spices (pun intended). Say that chicken tastes bland. Salt is not going to help you with fancying it. When it comes to searing meat, properly marinating with great spices makes it so interesting.

The safest bet that you can have is paprika. Makes the chicken taste delicious, adds depth to almost every sauce. Opt-in for the sweet smoked paprika – that is the best thing ever!

I know that when it comes to using spices, everyone gets a little jittery. The key to managing them is to start slow. One by one you will get to understand what you want and like.

Citrus elevates

Do you know why Mexican food is so delicious? They use a dash of lime before serving everything which lightness up the taste, tingles your senses and makes that dull fatty avocado interesting! Considering adding something citrusy on meats and sauces.

Alcohol is not always for drinking

Do you know how you read on the fancy restaurant menu’s: glazed with cognac? This is fancy talk for added a little cognac to the sauce. Wine can be a great addition to water or stock in stews. Cognac or any type of alcohol is awesome with protein. Just adding a bit of it while frying protein helps give it a more complex flavor.

Now, if you are cooking with open fire, beware, the alcohol will evaporate slowly or catch fire. Take care not to get burned!

Kitchenette Traveler
Kitchenette Traveler
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