Spinach and halloumi refreshing salad

spinach and haloummi

Fresh spinach and halloumi have the tendency of combining together very well in a fresh salad. There are plenty of ways to combine them but the easiest and least error-prone is combining it with orange slices/juice.

tl;dr: fresh spinach, fried halloumi, walnuts, orange slice and an orange vinaigrette combined together

Spinach and halloumi

Both spinach and halloumi have very distinctive strong, bold, deep flavors and they need a bit of sweetness and sourness to come alive. The best possible addition here is the orange. We are going to use one whole orange. A quarter is going to go for the vinegarette and the rest orange slices.

How to make a Spinach and halloumi salad

  1. Wash the spinach properly. Use baby spinach if you have it, but regular spinach also works
  2. In a hot pan, fry some halloumi cheese. You can even eat halloumi raw, but fried halloumi is much more interesting.
  3. slice some orange slices
  4. In a big bowl, place the spinach first and marinate with a bit of olive oil. Mix it up before you throw anything else.
  5. Add some walnuts, crushed or not – up to you
  6. Add the oranges and the hot fried halloumi.
  7. Throw in the vinegarette

How to make an Orange vinegarette

  1. I usually make vinegarette’s in small jars that are lockable because of the vigorous mixing that it requires to combine everything together. You can alternatively mix it up with a fork – whatever works.
  2. I tend to marinate my salads with olive oil ahead of time as it simplifies the approach and you tend to use less vinegarette, so you will use less oil to begin with
  3. Add 1 part oil, 1 part orange juice, 1 part honey or maple syrup
  4. Add some salt and pepper
  5. Shake vigorously till the mixture combines.
  6. Now taste. You should adjust to your taste buds – don’t follow these recipes blindly!

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