The pasticcio – a baked pasta alternative

My Pasticcio is one of those 4 ingredient baked pasta alternatives that is filling, inexpensive, and easy to make. Cheap dinner ideas!

Tagliatelle with shrimps and zucchini

These tagliatelle with shrimps are a staple seafood pasta dish almost everywhere. Add to that a bit of zucchini for body and cherry tomatoes for zing!

Tuna tomato pasta with canned goods

Tuna tomato pasta with canned goods is one of those cheap yet filling and nutritious recipes that you can make at the end of the month.

Salmon pasta recipe cooking basics

There are plenty of salmon pasta recipes out there, but today we will focus on the basics. This will help you do all of them!

How to make homemade gnocchi

This homemade gnocchi recipe features potato-based delicious pasta-like condiments that are so fun to make and yet packed with a tender and fine taste...

Simple carbonara recipe [video]

With just pasta, eggs, cheese, pepper and some sort of cured pork, you get some of the most creamy and delicious carbonara recipe.

Walnut ricotta pesto pasta with burrata

The walnut ricotta pesto pasta is a delicious Sicilian pesto alternative to the basil based Pesto ala Genovese that's more subtle and simpler profile.

Grandma’s one-pot chicken tagliatelle

One-pot chicken tagliatelle that is such a warm and hearty meal that it will blow your socks off while being an extremely easy dish to cook in a simple pot