Cheap dinner ideas

Tagliatelle with shrimps and zucchini

These tagliatelle with shrimps are a staple seafood pasta dish almost everywhere. Add to that a bit of zucchini for body and cherry tomatoes for zing!

Baked salmon with vegetables

A baked salmon with vegetables is always a good idea - especially so when all you have to do is add them in a casserole and just let it bake.

Creamy baked potatoes with a cheesy touch

Creamy baked potatoes is one of the most comforting recipes that you need to give your self a pick me up with just milk and a bit of cheese.

Tuna tomato pasta with canned goods

Tuna tomato pasta with canned goods is one of those cheap yet filling and nutritious recipes that you can make at the end of the month.

Fried chicken burger – The burger series

The fried chicken burger is one of those staples of burger making that you need to learn and understand to simplify your life.

Easy quinoa salad – mastering the fluffy quinoa

Making an easy quinoa salad is a matter of a selection of specific steps that you can not go wrong - and you will have the fluffiest of them all.

Creamy mushroom risotto – with no cream

This creamy mushroom risotto is achieved only if you do it the original way - where you add water bit by bit and reduce till ready based on your taste.

Pie Recipes: savory tomato pie

The savory tomato pie is overly simplified by using store-bought puff pastry and homemade budget can tomatoes and onions.