easy dinner ideas

Chicken pesto with mashed potatoes & broccoli

Our chicken pesto is not about using pesto as the primary ingredient but as that additional special addition to make this fairly healthy dish amazing.

Crispy roast duck with baked potatoes

Whenever you hear crispy roast duck, you think of a gourmet but we will focus on an overly simplified and yet, extremely delicious crispy roast duck recipe.

The simplest pan fried pork fillet

A pan fried pork fillet is a fillet of it's the simplest form, cooked easily so that you can not go wrong while exploring some great tips on cooking pork.

Sauteed Brussel sprouts with bacon

Sauteed Brussel sprouts are an acquired taste, but once you do, you get access to some of the best cruciferous vegetables out there.

5 easy pasta recipes that anyone can do

Easy pasta recipes have the tendency to get complicated real fast and in this post, that does not happen. All this without sacrificing flavour!