Chicken pesto with mashed potatoes & broccoli

Our chicken pesto is not about using pesto as the primary ingredient but as that additional special addition to make this fairly healthy dish amazing.

Chicken with peppers – a new approach

Chicken with peppers sounds such a weird combination, but this recipe features a tasty chicken with oft peppers on a homemade tomato sauce - so good.

One-pot easy chicken risotto

Chicken risotto is one of those cheap down to earth dishes that anyone can cook and should cook. It is packed with nutrients whilst just costing peanuts.

5 easy pasta recipes that anyone can do

Easy pasta recipes have the tendency to get complicated real fast and in this post, that does not happen. All this without sacrificing flavour!

Pan-fried chicken with mushroom sauce

This chicken with mushroom sauce is a one of those typical restaurant dishes that seem impossible to reach but actually is fairly easy.

Grandma’s one-pot chicken tagliatelle

One-pot chicken tagliatelle that is such a warm and hearty meal that it will blow your socks off while being an extremely easy dish to cook in a simple pot

Coconut chicken with rice and mushrooms

Fried chicken drumsticks smothered in coconut sauce in a bed of simple white rice and crispy mushrooms to satisfy your cravings of coconut chicken

Creamy chicken, broccoli and mushroom pasta

This recipe features a fairly complex pasta recipe that you can usually only get in restaurants - simplified and debunked so that you can impress yourself and others around you.