Cheap dinner ideas

Chicken pesto with mashed potatoes & broccoli

Our chicken pesto is not about using pesto as the primary ingredient but as that additional special addition to make this fairly healthy dish amazing.

Eggplant parmesan casserole aka the “parmigiana di melanzane”

The eggplant parmesan casserole is one of those misunderstood dishes that you expect to be an abomination with a whole lot of parmesan, but it's not!

Salmon pasta recipe cooking basics

There are plenty of salmon pasta recipes out there, but today we will focus on the basics. This will help you do all of them!

Superfoods: Easy lentil soup

Lentil soup has the tendency to be one of those underdog soups, fairly balanced, extremely easy, so cheap yet falling behind the fancy creamy soups.

Zingy broccoli carrot celery potato soup

Broccoli carrot celery potato soup is exactly what it seems - a healthy, nutritious soup that will make you happy, warm and help you...

Chicken with peppers – a new approach

Chicken with peppers sounds such a weird combination, but this recipe features a tasty chicken with oft peppers on a homemade tomato sauce - so good.

Crispy roast duck with baked potatoes

Whenever you hear crispy roast duck, you think of a gourmet but we will focus on an overly simplified and yet, extremely delicious crispy roast duck recipe.

Simple homemade hummus dip

This homemade hummus recipe is a cheaper alternative to the store-bought, 3 euros for 150gr of "bland tasting not really hummus" + this game-changing trick.